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The Art Engineer Coach

Luis Martin


Let's identify how to create an individualized plan of action that mobilizes you to engineer your creative practice into a state of prolific flow.

Artists like us...

If you are an artist like me,  you know that no one is holding the door for us. No now is coming to get us. We are both the damsel, and prince. When Artists like us are faced with walls, we break holes in them, there is no other way.


You and I must create our own opportunities to shine.


With your rage, your grace, your love, that is our ammunition.

You have what it takes. 

Art Engineer your Practice into a Prolific Flow

I created the term “The Art Engineer” in college, as a way to give myself creative liesnece and to communicate to the world that my art and creation was not limited to the studio. The title gave me the freedom to explore curating, community building, leadership and entrepreneurship without the hangup of the "sellout" or "starving artist" myth to stymie my journey.

You can do the same, I can show you how. 

"Luis is a huge source of inspiration and support. He has a power to unlock potencial with simple conversations and wonderful questions. After talking to him you just want to lock yourself in the studio and create endless work."


My Prolific Flow 

I am an artist with a robust creative practice and 25 years experience in the arts. Though my artistic career work in museums, running my own art space in Brooklyn and producing a podcast I have worked with countless artists and have learned first hand what makes a successful artists. Its different for everyone. 


The idea of my own personal success has shifted over the years. After showing work in various countries, curating countless shows and selling my own work, I realized it wasn’t enough. 


It wasn’t enough just for me to shine. 

You see, when you come from darkness as I have and you’ve been down scorned and kicked, once you know how to get up and get into the light you want to show other. You get a calling to be a source of light and hold the door, that is my calling. 

A Call to Action

As your coach I will be telling you thing that you might already know but have lacked the accountability to take action. I will be asking you  to shift ideas and see things anew. You will need to be ready, willing, receptive and proactive 

to get mobilized into a prolific flow and I will guide you. 


If you are ready to speak and be heard, if you are ready to take action on a new plan of action, let's activate your sublime intuition.

 Lets  create a journey where you will enjoy the process as much as the destination, because this is your gift, your artist’s life in a state of Prolific Flow.

Before you schedule our first conversation and invest in yourself, I want you to take a moment to listen to some of the podcasts I have created at

Studio Confessions. Because you will only get the value of our work together if my message and voice resonates with you.

Plans and Pricing


Artists like us create our own opportunities to shine,

I will show you how. 

$500 package

-Three sessions 

-Weekly accountability emails 

-Prolific Flow Tools

-Project based package

-Result oriented 

*Sliding scale available

for people under 25 years of age with

financial aid requirement.   

Each session consists of a one on one 60 minute phone conversation with

Luis Martin / The Art Engineer. 

You will get your individualized plan of action bases on your creative vision, drive and ambition. Benefit from having accountability and an honest cheerleader in your corner. Tap into your state of prolific flow with your personal coach, resources, accessibility to community, and most important a re-alignment with your purpose.


Get In Touch

Our rage, our gratitude, and love is our ammunition to create a life of prolific flow. Let's get started. 

What will your Prolific Flow look like? 

email me now. 

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